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So what's the cost for 2024?

The basic cost for a wedding at any of our churches with all legal fees is £531 -£36 to be added if Banns are read. 

Marriage Certificates now have to be obtained from the Registry Office at a cost of £11.00 each (Price until March 2023 when there might be a change)

The following are optional extras to enhance your wedding day even further, following consultation with our Administrator you will be presented with a quotation for the total cost of your Wedding

Bells:  St Piran's Church £100 (peel of 6 bells)  St Carantoc Church £120 (peel of 6 bells)

  St Agnes Church £220 (peel of 6 bells)  St Cubert  £30  (hand peel) 

  St Michael  Not Applicable.

Organist £120  all Churches 

Wedding Ministry, Support and Preparation  £75

Heating (if desired) in all Churches £40

Benefice Choir  £100

Candleabras  (St Piran only) £30

Verger £60

No fees for photography.

No fees if you do your own flowers

No fees for rehearsal

No fees for attendance at your church prior to the Wedding day for familiarisation for Florists, Photographers or others providing for the success of your day.

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