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BAPTISMS  - or Christening

Baptism and Christening are the same thing.  Being baptised means being welcomed in to the family of Christ, and hence we get the word Christening,

The Christian journey begins at Baptism.

When you are Baptised (Christened) which often happens when you are a baby you remember nothing about it, but your Christian journey has begun. The Godparents will promise on you behalf at your Baptism that you will follow Jesus Christ. At your Baptism you will be signed with the cross and be dipped in water or have water poured on you, and you are welcomed as part of the family of God.

Those who have been Baptized can then become confirmed.

Being confirmed means that you make your Baptism promises for yourself and you turn your back on all that is wrong in your life. The Bishop will lay his hands on you as a sign that God accepts your promise and strengthens you with his Holy Spirit.

Baptisms can be booked by contacting the Cluster Office 01872 573025

Baptisms can be held on any day to suit the changing needs of families, 

If you have been Baptized and wish to be confirmed please contact the Cluster Office 01872 573025


What does it cost.

The baptism service is free. However, a collection will be taken and everyone is invited to contribute as generously as possible.

UK taxpayers are invited to use the gift aid envelopes which, when completed will enable the church to claim an additional £1.80 from the Inland Revenue for every £5 given.

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