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Rev. H. Baber (Rural Dean)  Mrs. C. Drake

Rev. H. Preston  Mrs. J. Edwards

Mr. J. Bessell (Vice Chair)  Mrs. E. Thorn

Mrs. R. Matthews (Safeguarding)  Mrs. F. Greenland

Ms. R. Church (Electoral Roll)  Mrs. J. White

Mr. R. Lampier (Treasurer)  Mrs. A. Clark

Mrs. M. Holland (Churchwarden  Mrs. T. Bessell

Mr. T. Hocking (Churchwarden)  Mrs. A. Young

Mrs. J. Symons (PCC)  Mr. K. Lambert

Mrs. C. Eves (PCC)  Mrs. M. Truan

Mr. R. Holland (PCC)


The meeting was opened by Mr. J. Bessell who welcomed all in attendance.  Ms. H. Baber (Rural Dean) was introduced and asked to say a prayer. 


Mr. Bessell confirmed this as the Annual Parish Meeting, also known as the Vestry Meeting.  Minutes of last year had been circulated within the PCC, with no matters arising.  Mrs. A. Clark raised the fact that these minutes had not been circulated amongst the wider parishioners.  Whilst the Reports had been displayed at the rear of the Church and in St. Michael’s Hall as required, it was agreed that in future they would be given a broad circulation.  There were no other matters arising.


Election of Church Wardens.


Two nominations received.


Mrs. Marion Holland   Proposed: Mrs. C.Eves     Seconded: Ms. C. Smith

Mr. Anthony Hocking  Proposed: Mrs. J. White    Seconded: Mrs. E. Thorn


Both nominations were approved without objection.


Annual Vestry Meeting Closed.




The minutes of the previous meeting were lodged.  The Chair gave a resume of these.  There were no matters arising.


The Chair then addressed the meeting.


The time since the departure of Rev. A. Brown has not been easy.  We are looking forward to the arrival of our new oversight minister.  He explained that were a younger person with children of school age to be selected, as hoped for by many across the Cluster, their arrival would most likely coincide with the school term timings.  At this point the arrival date could thus not be predicted and the Chair asked all for patience in awaiting the new Oversight Minister who it was hoped would bring a fresh perspective to the Parish/Cluster.


Ms. H. Baber advised one application has been received to date but she is hopeful that others will be received before the closing date of 17th April.  Shortlisting will take place the following week. 

Ms. Baber stated that when applicants are shortlisted ages, names and gender are redacted, therefore it will not be possible to seek a specific category of applicant, the criteria in our profile will be used.  The interview date is 1st May when it is hoped we will have more than one candidate to nominate.


Reference was made to an interview panel which had met recently.  Mrs. J. Edwards enquired whether our churches had a representative on the interview panel but it was explained that this was a training session and it was known that neither Mr. Bessell nor Mrs. Eves were available at that time.


The Chair commented on the deeply uncomfortable situation at St. Michael’s which remains closed due to health and safety concerns.  It is hoped that the upcoming quinquennial inspection will provide more information and both the Churchwarden and Chair will be actively involved.  In addition, the meeting was briefed about the ongoing dispute regarding the churchyard boundary wall ownership which has been impossible to establish.


On the matter of safeguarding, it was stated that this was not just the concern of the PCC but of everyone who uses the church buildings.  All have a responsibility to maintain safe procedures.

The Safeguarding Officer works hard to ensure that all due procedures are completed and the Chair asked that she receives full support.  Mr Holland mentioned the support that he had received recently form the Diocese Safeguarding Office.


Rev. H. Preston enquired if there was one-to-one training available for anyone who required support to complete any aspect of safeguarding training or did not have access to online facilities.  The Rural Dean explained that where someone had no online facility it should be possible for them to meet with others and complete the necessary training using their online facilities.  Mrs. Matthews confirmed that this was the case and that there were ways to overcome the lack of internet connection. 


The Chair repeated the thanks in his annual report to all who volunteer on the PCC and was particularly grateful to Ms. R. Church the new electoral officer, Churchwarden Mr. Hocking who has worked tirelessly to find clergy to support our services and Churchwarden Mrs. Holland who has kept the church hall at the centre of the community.


The Chair explained that we had been directed to produce an interim Parish Plan to hold the fort until the appointment of a new Oversight Minister.  This would include how we prevent any deterioration of our infrastructure.  We need also need think about who we are, where we are and how we might move forward.   The Rural Dean explained the Deanery Plan which is being implemented and is looking at how youth and children’s work is dealt with.





Election of PCC 

  Proposed     Seconded


Secretary.   Mrs. D.Lamming   Mr.  P. Lampier    Mrs. Eves

Treasurer   Mr. P. Lampier   Mr. T. Hocking  Mrs. M. Truan

Safeguarding  Mrs. R. Matthews  Ms. R. Church  Mrs. T. Bessell

Electoral Roll  Ms. R. Church  Mrs. R. Matthews  Mr. T. Hocking

PCC Member  Mrs. J. Symons  Mrs. M. Truan  Mrs. R. Matthews

PCC Member  Mr. R. Holland  Mr. T. Hocking  Ms. R. Church 

PCC Member  Mrs. C. Eves  Mrs. M. Holland  Mrs. R. Matthews

Vice Chair *   Mr. J. Bessell   Mrs. D. Lamming  Mrs. M. Truan  


*The Chair stated he would serve for one more year as Lay Vice Chair (Chair in the absence of the minister) and would then stand down, in accordance with the Diocese’s policy on a 3-year tenure in office.  He repeated the importance of succession planning minuted at last year’s meeting, and the need to revitalise how we go about our business and plan for our future.  He asked all those present, and specifically those on the PCC, to consider our legacy to future generations and consider who would succeed them.  The Rural Dean gave clear direction reiterating the Chair’s explanation of the need to look to succession planning as a top priority. 


The Chair pointed out the vacancy on the PCC as a result of the departure of Mrs. F. Greenland.  The Chair wished to thank Mrs. Greenland on behalf of the PCC and the Parish as a whole for her much-valued service to the PCC over many years.  It was proposed by the Chair to seek a new PCC member to fill a new role of Communication Champion.  He has written to the Church Wardens suggesting that this role would be specified as someone who understands fully the different means of modern communication and is able to communicate with all in a language and form the younger people that we need to encourage back to the Church understood.  There were no objections to taking this proposal forward.


Any Other Business


Mrs. Truan thanked Mr. Hocking for guiding St Piran’s through a very difficult year.  It was due to his hard work that they now have a service every week.  She also thanked Mrs. Holland for many weeks of hard work in organising a funeral service for Simon Bishop.


Mr. Holland advised that the Memorial Hall was disposing of 140 chairs which are aluminium framed and in good condition.  He has been able to negotiate a price of £15.00 per chair and sought agreement to purchase 60 chairs for use in the church hall at a total cost of £900.  The Chair invited Mr Holland to bring a proposal to the PCC who would consider the opportunity as quickly as possible.


Mr. Lambert enquired whether the Land Registry documents prove that the wall is in fact the boundary.  The Chair replied that this was believed to be the case and went on to explain that ownership of the wall has been the problem not the boundary.  The owners of the adjoining property have contended that the wall is collapsing and is the cause of subsidence being experienced by their property.  The Chair explained his work with the Church Surveyors to ensure that the Quinquennial Review will provide further evidence in the work that he is undertaking with the Church’s lawyers to dispute the grounds for a claim against the Church.  Mr Holland reported that he had heard that the owners were intending to drop any claim as they had been unable to prove ownership of the boundary wall.  Sec’s Note: the owners have given no indication of their intention to cease a claim for a contribution to the repair of the boundary wall.


The meeting was closed with a prayer said by the Rural Dean.


Date of PCC meeting to be advised.

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