Cluster News

Curate Joins the Ministry Team
Many of you will have heard that we are in the joyful position of having been selected as a training post for a curate and successfully recruited one.  Rachel Monie was ordained in Truro Cathedral on 30 June. Rachel is married to Danny and they have two children George and Victoria who will be attending Richard Lander School.

Waiting for the gifts of sound and vision
Many of you, I know, are not Facebookers, you may be interested in a new Facebook page called, Waiting for the gifts of sound and vision.  A daily reading is accompanied by a wonderful photo.  I am choosing the readings and a friend is matching them to her vast array of photographs.  We hope it will be a space for people to take time and reflect, and maybe find something of God at the same time.  

Love and prayers,  Revd Anne.